Men’s: 8 Easy, Healthy and Effective Ways to Be More Confident In bed

The level of confidence a man has when in bed with his woman is determined by some factors. Prominent among these factors may be the size of his penis or the degree of his knowledge he has when it comes to satisfying her pleasures. But let’s leave that for a moment and see how you can gain more confidence  in bed. Here are 8 effective ways you can ensure that.

  • Let her know the feeling: Having a great time in bed should not always begin there – in bed – it should start with those compliments. Touch her soft emotional spot so that she will feel safe around you. And tell those sweet words women live to hear.
  • Know what she desires: This should be the very first thing to note. Knowing what your woman want will help you decipher how well you can fulfill her pleasure. Discuss sex position; talk about penis size…and everything else.
  • Don’t rush things up: Take it slow and easy; don’t get anxious and don’t be in a haste. Unstrap the strings; do the kissing; have a gentle feel of her body and get down to act. It’s all about building a momentum.
  • Make it exciting: Don’t make it a boring experience. So, you should try out different routines from time to time; vocalize thepleasure and make her want you.
  • Consider the size: This may not be for every man but if you have got a small ding-a-ling that falls short of 4 inches, you may have to consider getting a penis extender. You must have heard the X4 Labs – and if you’ve not, you have now; here is a penis extender every guy can use.
  • Build the muscles: Hey, you’re not joining the marine but one thing is that women love to feel their men’s body too. So, you might just have to hit the gym for sake – may be for your own good though.
  • Own her: Everyone has got her to live. However, while in the act, you will have to show that you’re up to her by not thinking of some other guy somewhere. Own her and own the moment – she’s your lady, remember?
  • Just do it: This isn’t about Nike…it’s about the two it takes to tango in bed. Flow with the feeling; relax and give it to her in good measure, and with great pleasure.