How To Create A Diet Plan?

Commercial weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast and Jenny Craig are widely subscribed by many dieters as they provide weight loss in a very short term. For example Nutrisystem had launched Turbo 13 in the beginning of the year 2018 which claims to offer up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month and thereafter the dieters can lose up to 2 lbs per week. The program also allows dieters to customize their menu. Check this post in to learn more about Nutrisystem diet plans.

In case, you are thinking of creating your diet plan for either losing or maintaining weight, there are some guidelines you will have to follow. The first step is to determine the amount of calories you need in a day to lose weight. Your daily calorie intake is dependent on your age, gender, level of physical activity. An adult has to consume about 2000 calories per day on an average. To lose one pound per week you will have to cut from 500 to 700 calories for your daily diet. For losing 2 lbs per week you will require to create a deficit of 1000 to 1500 calories per day. Sedentary people will have to eat around 1800 calories per day and active people around 2200 calories. Therefore, create a plan based on your daily ideal calorie consumption.

The next step would be to understand the foods you will consume. You must learn to differentiate between good and bad carbs; likewise healthy and unhealthy fats. Also limit the intake of sugar and salt. Consuming too much of salt can lead to high blood pressure creating stress on the heart. Likewise consuming excess sugar leads to obesity and other health issues. Limit the sodium intake to 2300 mg or less per day. Restrict your added sugar to not more than 24 grams for women and 36 grams for men. You can do a research on different diet plans to get an idea.