How to Avoid Food Spoilage While Camping in 2018

Use the following tips to avoid food spoilage while camping:

Limit wet items:  While planning to carry food for camps, limit the wet and soggy items.  These tend to get spoiled first.

Food selection:  While planning the menu and buying groceries choose those items which do not get spoiled easily.  For example, you can carry nuts and cereals more.

Storing properly:  After every meal, ensure that all the items are covered and stored properly.  The possibility of food spoilage is high when the storage is not done carefully.  For example, the items to be kept in coolers have to be kept promptly in coolers after use.  The cooler should be closed properly.  Similarly, if certain items are to be kept dry, ensure you do not spill water accidentally over them.  Read more on dreamguides for detailed information.

Fresh cooking:  As far as possible try to cook some food freshly using charcoal, firewood etc.  This will reduce the need for storing cooked food which will get spoiled easily.  Thus, food wastage can be avoided.

Use dry ice on top:  Use dry ice on top of items to be kept cool.

Order of usage:  Use the easily perishable foods first.  You can store the ones which tend to last longer.

Keep perishable items separately:  Store the perishable items separately so that they don’t get mixed up with other food items and spoil them as a whole.  Check the items periodically and remove the spoiled ones immediately.  When you check them daily, you can locate the problem at the initial stage and try to protect the remaining items which are in good condition.  Also, not checking the items leads to severe spoilage which causes odor and invites rodents and pests which can spoil the entire stock of stored food.