12 Ways Doctors Can Make the Most of Social Media

Social media is not only for entertainment anymore. According to Allied Health World, 24% doctors use social media as a medium for sharing or seeking medical information from the medicine community. If you are a doctor, this is how you make the most of social media to boost up your practice.

  1. Setup Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts: The very first step to building an online presence. Optimize the opportunities offered by social media by filling in your details through Fans für Twitter kaufen.
  2. Share Knowledge: Begin conversations with other medical professionals and share knowledge.
  3. Ask questions: Stumped on something? Utilize the entire world’s knowledge base to help patients.
  4. Stay updated: Receive up to date and accurate healthcare information.
  5. Follow other doctors: You already have a network of doctors in your existing contacts, reach out to peers and friends in the medical field in all the social media networks by following and connecting with them. Foster a following to build your practice from, reply to your patients and improve their satisfaction.
  6. Connect with Patients: Improve your care quality by connecting with patients and understanding what they feel about your practice.
  7. Use visual media: Images and videos are much easier to attract patient’s attention. These visuals have a much greater appeal and help you stand out while being able to make a much greater engagement.
  8. Encourage patient participation: Ask your patients to post suggestions, questions and comments about your practice.
  9. Build communities: Create an online community to interact with patients and doctors.
  10. Respond: Feedback received from patients.
  11. Showcase: Your achievements at the workplace.
  12. Become an icon: That other doctors and patients can look up to for fix with their problems.