Top 10 Essential Lifestyle Health Tips for Seniors

Read on to know the top 10 essential lifestyle health tips for seniors:

Diet:  Ensure you have a healthy diet.  The body needs more calcium to keep the bones away from brittling.  Ensure that you avoid junk foods which have high carbohydrate content which is not good for the heart.  Eat more salads, fresh vegetables, fruits etc.  This will ensure that you stay away from cancer and vision-related health issues.  Include fibrous food like whole grains.  This will help to avoid constipation.

Moderate exercise:  As age advances, rigorous exercise has to be avoided.  But body weight has to be maintained correctly.  So do moderate exercises like walking, yoga etc. which does not cause strain to heart or spine.

Medical check-ups:  Never miss your medical check-ups.  Do not fear surgeries if required. Spine doctor in NJ offers minimally invasive modes of effective treatment for addressing your health issues.  Bone and vision care is mandatory.

Active lifestyle:  At this age, when you retire from work and complete all family responsibilities, it is quite tempting to stick on to the cozy bean bag and watch television the whole day.  Retirement from work does not mean that you have to choose to stay idle.  Instead, choose an active lifestyle.  Ensure that you wake up early, exercise and eat at the right time.  Engage yourself in hobbies and be active.

Meditation:  Seniors tend to worry more for the younger ones in the family.  For women seniors, the body hormones create a whole lot of mess with emotions.  Meditation will help to remove mental stress.  A healthy mind is the fundamental requirement of a healthy body.

Habits:  Strictly avoid alcohol and smoking.  Even eating meat has to be minimized.

Speed:  Ensure you move slow and steady.  Seniors tend to fall frequently.  The grip will be weak and due to fading health, problems like giddiness and low vision can lead to frequent fall.  You can use a walking stick or walker when you feel weak.

Social life:  Have more friends and be cheerful.

Sleep:  Though seniors tend to have less sleep, have a healthy sleep and adequate rest.

More positive work to brain:  Solve puzzles to keep your brain away from Alzheimer and nervous disorders.…

The 7 Best Essential Oils to Improve Your Health

There are different types of essential oils that are available in the market which offers varied health benefits. Some of them don’t smell good but has the great ability to make people feel good. For instance, many people are using CBD oil to relieve aches and pains. Listed below are few of the oils which one can incorporate in their life to enjoy its benefits.

Lavender oil- Lavender oil has the following properties: sedative, anti-anxiety, immune boosting, anesthetic and antioxidant.

Lemongrass oil- Lemongrass plant is used in most everything from tea to various cleaning products. Also, it has been used to treat gastrointestinal issues and also fever. It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and can be used as insect repellent.

Eucalyptus- This oil helps in clearing the blocked airways quickly. It also kills drug-resistant parasite which causes malaria.  It also acts as a bug repellent.

Tea tree oil- Tea trees leaves are used to treat colds and coughs, skin ailments, alleviate sore throats and heal wounds. Tea tree oil also exhibits anticancer activity. It kills the influenza virus and oral bacteria.

Sweet orange oil- It helps in slowing down the breathing rate and pulse rates and helps people to be more cheerful.

Rosemary oil- When one inhales rosemary oil, it helps in increasing blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate. Also, it has been able to increase the brain wave activity. It helps in decreasing the levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Peppermint oil- It is a stimulant and antispasmodic. It is known for the effective treatment of headaches. Apart from this, it helps in soothing nausea, improves memory and concentration and is analgesic which helps in relieving pain. It makes a great lip product. It makes you feel refreshed entire day when you apply it in your lips and is literally there right under the nose.…