How to Be Profitable Through Both Hard Work and Optimal Health

Maslow’s hierarchy categorizes the list of needs in the order of: food, water, shelter, emotional needs, love, belonging and self-actualization. The vital components of belonging and self-actualization is a much larger part of who we are, something that comes from our work places. We often see individuals working 18 hours a day slowing through the week to achieve their goals. But that often means compromising on health and family. This is why it’s crucial to achieve the right balance of work and health, especially if you own a business where the work follows you home.

  • Set boundaries: Work is stressful. Your business will go through ups and downs where every fluctuation the market, changes in the forex reversal patterns will set off a bout of actions to be taken care of. Staying up late to research on the market trends may be great for your business, but the regular late nights are bound to set off your biological clock the wrong way. Ensure you get a good seven hours of sleep and four square meals. Set up your assistant to keep you on a schedule and squeeze in quick meals between the meetings.
  • Find a balance: You can never achieve the exact balance every time. Sometimes your work will take precedence over your personal life, and sometimes work has to take a backseat while you take care of yourself and family. It has to be a give or take, and you have to decide the right action to take at the right time.
  • Healthy body makes a healthy mind: Your work quality depends on your mental health. Chugging the 18th cup of coffee of the day is not likely to get great results on the projection reports. Sit back, take a break and get yourself a good night’s rest to bring your best self to work.