10 Healthy Recipes For Your Period Cravings

Period cramps got you down? Rummaging around the kitchen or in the food delivery app to quickly boost your mood? Here are a few easy recipes that you can chomp on while saving yourself some unhealthy calories.

1.      Guilt-Free Ice Cream

You know what tastes like ice cream? Frozen, mashed banana! It has the same consistency with plenty of natural sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth without cramming in a thousand calorie in a single saving. Simply freeze some bananas, then throw them in a blender with cocoa powder and peanut butter, and you have a tasty treat.

2.      Olive oil and honey roasted nuts

Set the bacon at 150 degrees c. throw in a handful of your favorite nuts with one tablespoon of honey, and olive oil, and roast for 10-12 minutes until you smell that mouthwatering aroma.

3.      Avocado toast

Avocado is truly a superfood. Crisp toast, chopped avocados topped with a poached egg is all you need to get through the day.

4.      Strawberry spinach salad

Your body needs the much-needed boost of iron. Toss some baby spinach, strawberries, pecans, onion, cucumber, pink Himalayan salt and olive oil and you got a filling meal.

5.      Hummus

Hummus is another iron rich food you can snack on with any cracker. Stuff some in your copy Gucci bags and head off to work.

6.      Raspberry yogurt popsicle

Throw mashed raspberries and yogurt into popsicle mold and you have awesome low-calorie ice-cream.

7.      Banana chocolate chip bite

Freeze, mash banana into tiny cups and sprinkle with chocolate chips to get a healthy bite.

8.      Strawberry yogurt

Blend strawberry puree with some honey and throw in ice cream mold.

9.      Avocado ice cream

Recipe is the same, all you need is mashed avocados with some Greek yogurt.

10. Potatoes

Baked, mashed or fried. Potatoes are filled with potassium and are great filling carbs that will satisfy your cravings.…

7 ways to boost women’s health

Being a woman, you know how your health concerns are different and sensitive from men. You need to be fit and strong all the time but at the same time you are never left with time for yourself.

A few basic changes in your lifestyle can improve your health many folds. We have enlisted 7 best ways:

  1. A healthy diet: Natural foods tend to keep you at your best. Add variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid processed foods. Prefer whole grains and leaner parts of fish and meat depending upon on your age. Include proper amount of calcium and protein in your diet.
  2. Exercise: Exercise is as much important as eating, breathing or any other activity. Plenty of exercises encourage healthy lifestyle and keeps your heart healthy. If not 7 days a week, try to exercise for at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day. You can opt for different workouts like swimming, jogging, cycling, aerobics, dancing or simply brisk walking.
  3. Avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking: Stay away from smoking and drugs and consume alcohol in moderate quantities. A few studies show that it is safe for women to consume one drink a day.
  4. Stress management: A women has to deal with different levels of stress almost at every stage of life. We forget that mental health is as much important as the physical one. Try to take out a few minutes for yourself each day.
  5. Avoid sun: Make sure to use a sunscreen of minimum 15 SPF to prevent your skin form harmful rays of sun.
  6. Appreciate birth control: It avoids the risk of unwanted pregnancy.
  7. Get proper sleep: Proper sleep is the key of healthy heart and healthy life. It maintains both your physical and mental health.

In addition to that, women are advised to visit kasiljean to know about products that keep their skin flawless and maintain their outer beauty. It is a perfect booster to one’s self confidence.…